Online Course Terms & Conditions Made Simple

A FREE Guide for Course Creators Who Want to Protect What They’ve Worked So Hard To Build — Written By A Harvard-Trained Lawyer!

In the guide, we’ll cover things like:

  • What to include in your course terms and conditions to make sure you're covering yourself and your business!
  • What NOT to do when creating your own terms and conditions to avoid putting yourself at more risk!
  • How to deliver your new course agreement to customers when they enroll!
  • A dirty little secret most lawyers don't want you to know about... that will save you THOUSANDS!

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Created by a Harvard Law Grad

Who Is Also An Online Business Owner Like You!

Bobby is a Harvard Law grad turned online entrepreneur—but he’s NOT your typical lawyer. He doesn’t do suits, he hates legalese more than you do, and has a tendency to make bad pop-culture references and dad jokes.

He has credentials that make most lawyers drool as a licensed lawyer who graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, worked for the US Department of Justice, was mentored by a US Supreme Court Justice.

But after a long and successful career as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and contract law, he decided it was time to make a change.

In 2017, he decided to hang up his suit (finally!) and put his superpowers to good use in the online space making the legal stuff quick, easy, and accessible to online entrepreneurs… like you!

Since then, he’s helped thousands of business owners protect what’s theirs with his comprehensive legal templates.

Protecting Your Online Course Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Online Course Terms & Conditions Made Simple helps simplify the complexities of the legal stuff so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out for yourself. With this easy-to-understand downloadable PDF guide, you’ll gain insight into the often-overlooked areas of risk that could be affecting your online course and your business without even knowing it!

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