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Opening Thoughts
This month we again are publishing ahead of schedule due to travel commitments. There is not much to state on a short-term basis as we do video updates on an as-required basis, and the call made for an intermediate top at $1300 gold and $18 silver still holds. Further, some are looking for a massive pullback and new lows. We are not in that camp and see silver having a 50/50 chance of bouncing off the breakout level of $16, but will continue to monitor and update.
Our main point is many have profits from the beginning of the year and we want our readers to keep some of those profits, rather than watch them slip away. We do not advocate in and out trading because this is not how the big gains are accomplished as investors, so think partial profits unless you are a very seasoned trader in the precious metals.
This month we wish to focus more on the long term and big picture and you will find our analysis of the two major studies that were just published. We think of this as a cost savings to you because both studies are about $400 and we study and report our findings to you, saving you time and money. In fact a full year of TMR is $500 and again these two studies alone are 80% of that amount.
Your editor made a solo trip to Las Vegas last month and was keynote speaker at the Growth Capital Expo. I met with many companies and we may report on a few in the coming months. For this issue let me state that meeting with management of IFAN Financial was quite exciting because they have a good foothold in the financial technology world, which we continue to follow, study, and learn about. Another that fits into this new and developing arena is Saint Corporation, which is a key company in cyber security. Your editor plans a write-up or interview on both of these companies in the near future.
For those looking for income, and who isn’t these days, I also sat down with …
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Subscribers to this month’s TMR receive the current issue a little early due to David Morgan’s travel commitments. Which really helps since there’s a lot of food for thought – and perhaps actionable advice therein!
David’s call a couple of weeks ago – by video review for subscribers – of an intermediate Gold-Silver top around $1,300/$18 respectively, is looking increasingly solid. We all know that anything can happen, and the metals could trade above these levels sooner rather than later -but for those who want to follow tested market indicators and the laws of probability, being conservative after an historic first quarter run up out of an almost 5 year cyclical downtrend makes a lot of dollars and sense right now.
David’s advice of not being shy about taking some money off the table, and preserving psychological capital in addition to the financial variety, is what’s going to help our readers stay in the game – and make serious money – for as long as possible through the inevitable big swings going forward. He has long stated that the coming third and biggest leg of the precious metals’ secular bull market is going to be one for the record books. That’s where most of the profits for the entire bull run lie. We want to help you fashion the most powerful tools possible, in order to participate rather than get blown out early and end up…just watching.
Last month, David was an invited keynote speaker at the Growth Capital Expo in Las Vegas. A number of our readers may find the skill sets of several of the contacts he made to be of particular interest.
In this month’s issue, his deep review of the 2015 Silver market, analyzing two of the most authoritative and expensive sources available, brings unusual clarity to the supply-demand situation going forward. The cost to access these two sources alone equals 80% of the $500 subscription price for The Morgan Report. More proof that the value received by subscribers is many times the initial cost of an annual subscription.
Solid Analysis of an emerging mid-tier gold producer
Senior Equity Analyst, Chris Marchese provides deep analysis of a leading and emerging mid-tier gold producer with operations in Mexico and Canada. It may be a story you’d like to place on your radar screen for consideration. And if you decide to re-visit the details later before taking action – you’ll be able to find it archived for easy access on our website.
Unlike some “recommendation a month” newsletters, The Morgan Report seriously views a resource sector story before even considering writing it up for your appraisal. We’ll wait however long it takes to find an operation that fits our criteria of offering you a “safer space” should you decide to take action. If that process takes 6 months…then so be it.
Two interesting stories that we will not be recommending at this time.
Last month, our team took considerable time and effort to visit with management of a silver mining re-start operation, and also with a company working on a potentially new path-making process for producing ore, using lasers. We tell you what they’re about, and why we are willing to watch and wait before – or even if – deciding to cover them with comprehensive reporting.
In an effort to lower the risk for readers, we’re content to make new recommendations – but only after they’ve met our criteria for doing so, rather than being driven by the calendar in having to give you “a new story to buy” twelve times a year.
We finish this month with Letters to the Editor. Don’t forget, all questions from Premium and Mastermind Members are answered on an individual basis – just one of the many benefits you receive with a subscription to The Morgan Report.
David Morgan
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