The Currency Crisis Will Fuel Silver’s Run

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The Currency Crisis Will Fuel Silver’s Run |

As financial institutions print their way deeper into a currency crisis, more people are gaining awareness of the impracticalities of modern monetary policy. With the U.S. debt-ceiling approaching no man’s land, we have reached the point of no return, and there are two things that come through in times like these: gold and silver.

Gold holders rest easier at night knowing they are hedged against currency destruction, with its safe-haven status proving it to be the best asset to hold for wealth preservation. Gold is real money: tangible, fungible, divisible, globally recognizable money that has been coveted for millennia.

Silver can be thought of as gold’s little brother, and both are monetary metals. The difference, however, is that silver has an edge over its older brother: industrial demand. While gold represents money, silver is everywhere around us, in the products that we use daily. It is critical for a technological society, with its role as an industrial commodity acting as another layer that complements its durability as a monetary metal.

Silver: The Industrial Metal

Under typical circumstances, industrial demand accounts for about 50% of the silver market, with investor demand accounting for a mere 10%. This year, however, industrial demand in the metal has dipped and investor demand has climbed to nearly half of silver’s demand. This is a trend that is unlikely to disappear, especially as currencies continue to be printed and devalued.

Nonetheless, the important thing to take into consideration is that industrial demand may drop momentarily, but as investor demand begins to threaten the steady silver supply that industrial players depend on to produce their products, there will likely be added pressure in the silver market from the industrial side.

The reason for this is that silver is an essential component required to produce the devices that we need to function in modern society: smartphones, computers, and even cars. However, most of these producers have adopted a just-in-time inventory management approach with silver, as it had never been too difficult to obtain.

If investor demand continues to see growth, driving the price of silver higher, industrial producers will not be deterred from purchasing the metal because it is crucial for the end-product, and the end-product is crucial for society to continue to function the way it does today.

This week, I spoke to David Lin at Kitco News to discuss silver’s upward potential, its complex relationship with the industrial sector, and historic gold-silver ratios. To watch the interview, visit this link.

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