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Our next Master Mind Series will be November 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM PST. We are making this available to all free lists users and current members of The Morgan Report. Space is limited to attend the live event. However, if you can not make the live event we will be recording and making it available for everyone who signs up to view at their leisure.
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This months Master Mind will be with Bob Coleman of GoldSilverVault.com.
You’ll get a fundamental understanding and overview of vaulting storage services. We’ll explain differences between allocated and segregated as well as unallocated and pooled programs. “What you deliver may not be what you receive!”
Is your Stored Metal Safe?
Is your Stored Metal Insured?
Is your Stored Metal even there?
This is a must attend Master Mind if
your store your precious metals!
Choosing Storage For Precious Metals
Forms of storage
Unsegregated or unallocated storage –
Everyone’s metal is commingled or pooled into one group. The
program may not even be storing physical metal in deliverable form.
Allocate – Sets apart for a special purpose; designate
*This may include grouping and commingling of certain products or
*Segregate – Separate or isolated from others or from a main
body or group
* In my opinion this is the most secure way to professionally
store assets and this is Idaho Armored Vaults’ practice.
Various other forms of ownership (compare and contrast)
Paper Certificates
Publically Traded Securities or Funds
Digital or Internet Based Programs
Structured Products or Accounts
Items of Concern and Distinction
Unlike the securities industry, the physical Gold and Silver
community is largely unregulated.
Differentiate the investment in Precious Metals between:
Actual ownership and exposure vs Representation of Interest
The actual ownership is no one else’s liability or promise.
A successful investment approach
must have certain characteristics:
Flexible yet simple
Avoid exotic financial instruments
Invest directly into asset classes
Avoid paper promises in exchange for the real asset
Utilize active and sound money management
Provide industry trends. How dealers are getting involved in the storage business. (Potential dangers) Counterparty risks.
Important to read the storage contract. Look for key words such as “segregated storage”. Also understand the insurance policy protecting the assets. What does the policy cover, etc. Important to look at total exposure of the vault and total limits of the policy.
Can add more detail into any category. Let me know if there are areas that you would like me to cover more of.
Question and answers will follow the webinar.
David Morgan
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