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David – I am thinking of subscribing to The Morgan Report before the price increase at the end of this year, I have two questions…
1. If I subscribe to the members only portion of the website should I continue
to stay on this free list?
2. How well has TMR done say against other newsletters?
1. Yes if you like our free list we do suggest you stay on this as well as become a paid member. The free list does provide different information and we do from time to time give offers that we share with this list.
2. Let me share a recent email we received from a long term subscriber–
Dear David Morgan and Team at TMR,
I began taking an interest in resource stocks back in 2005 after attending the conference in Vancouver. I subscribed to The Morgan Report and invested in some of the stock recommendations and started making money. In my naiveté, my thought process went something like this: “Wow, this is easy. I’ll just subscribe to more newsletters, let those guys do all the leg-work and research, I’ll invest in the recommendations and ‘wallah’, I’ll make more money.” NOT! Seven years and six other newsletters later, I’ve learned a few things, the most important being: not all newsletter writers are created equal!
A couple of years ago, I came to the realization that the recommendations in TMR were outperforming the others by a wide margin, so I researched my portfolio and was amazed at my findings. On average, I was losing slightly on the other picks, but on the TMR picks I was doing very well!
Today I updated that research and thought I would share the results. Here are the findings:
All other newsletters and recommendations combined resulted in a net loss of 6.6% or $19,833.
TMR recommendations resulted in an average gain of 84.7% or $136,209! Thank you TMR!
Plus I’ve had the headache of trying to keep track of far more stocks than is possible, at least for me. Needless to say, I’ve cancelled out of all the other newsletters as they have come due and will stick exclusively with The Morgan Report.
I’ve recently upgraded my membership from Basic Plus to Premium and have more than paid for the extra cost from the advice in the Master Mind Series.
Again, thank you very much David and TMR.
A Very Happy Subscriber from Montana
David Morgan

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