Question of the Week


This weekend we are sending a comment from a high powered broker — the stock names have been omitted as we do get paid for our work. Also, the November Morgan Report will be posted this weekend–
It contains David Morgan’s Keynote at the Silver Summit
A new addition to the Speculative portfolio
A look at a possible “long shot”
And questions from members,
Now on to the Question of the Week….
Here is an email from one of the brokers that bought two of our recent recommendations…
Comment: I am really grateful to you for bringing them to my attention early! Way before Jim Cramer! I’m also very excited about XXX Company. The next six months ought to be very interesting and profitable!! After reading your YYY earnings report, I couldn’t help but daydream about an offer of 1 share of YYY for each of my CCC shares!!
They’ve got 1.5 billion to spend and who knows? It might be spent on us!
Publisher comment: We are always pleased for positive feedback but wish to note- his idea of a buyout is possible but please read our disclaimer if you become a paid member!
David Morgan

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