Question of the Week


Hi David,
I know you are focusing mostly on Silver and Gold. Yet with mining some of the most growth may be in these metals with technology. Would love to hear any recommendations on the best Graphene Mining company recommendations or Vanadium and Beryllium.
I am sure you are aware of the technology that is coming in Grapheme. Batteries, supercomputers, cell phones etc. Keep up the great research.
Tom L…
Comment: We appreciate your trust– however we have recommended many resource situations outside of precious metals. We have written up a Beryllium company in the past and done a few follow-ups. I have seen very little to nothing in the Vanadium that makes sense–meaning it is truly economic and MAKES MONEY!! Lastly, we have not studied Grapheme enough to comment.
There is a new web site that will be launched soon . We’ll let you know the url very soon.
This site will be devoted to company reports only. I am not stating it will cover ALL resource companies but it will cover several and there will be new reports added continuously. Lastly, serious investors can request certain companies be examined with no guarantee that a report will be written, but the request will examined carefully.

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