Question of the Week


Hello David, Thank you for all your advice over the last couple of years. Your insight and frank judgments make for a pleasant change from the normality of the daily news. I am after some information regarding the Gold/Silver spot option call. I really want to do this and have been investigating all the sites. I live in the UK and wondered if you could tell me who you use in the US as I can not find the Gold/Silver ratio trade as an option?
Answer: The brokers we use are in the file “How to use The Morgan Report” in the members only section of website. Thanks for the kind words.
Comment from a member– Hello Mr. Morgan;Well,well what a master you are at finding the diamonds in the ruff!!XYZ (not actual name) Gold to all that have a subscription to what I feel is the best publication one could find.You have missed a few calls but the BULLS EYES are many.I fell IMHO that XYZ is going to be one of the best calls of all time.I know its early in the game,time will tell but now we know why you are known as the SILVER-GURU.Thanks Mr. Morgan Jack, Lakewood Co.

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