October 2012 Morgan Report Posted


The October issue is complete–
This month we explain why QE3 means the U.S. has reached the point of no return and the currency crisis continues in slow motion but could accelerate.
We also examine the “correct” gold to silver ratio and ask the question- Can the price of silver ever equal the price of gold?
Many of our stocks are up considerably but in our view have a long way to go over the next 3-5 years.
A quick clip- from our latest research–
Rarely do we recommend a company with cash costs not in the lowest first or second quartile; however, opportunities arise from time to time where exceptions can be made. This is not to say that this company is a lower grade, as it is quite the opposite in fact. We also like this company because of its unparalleled production growth profile (on a percentage basis) and low capital requirements, and it is soon to be a miner with multiple operations.
Silver is up 28% in the past month and gold is up 12%. The ratio spread that we provided to our basic plus members is clearly moving in our direction.
Lastly, prices for our services will be going up after the end of the world! That is current prices can be locked in now, but will be increasing after December 21, 2012.

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