January 2010 –The Morgan Report


 The Morgan Report 2010
As we do every January, we will give an outline of several resource companies, particularly
from the silver sector. We divide these up, first looking at top-tier companies. We address
some of the companies currently in the speculative portfolio. We also look at many of
the companies we have reported on in previous reports. We go the extra mile, meaning
we actually go to each and every company and ask for their milestones for 2010. Almost
all the companies respond, but a few do not.
To the best of our knowledge we are the only report/newsletter of our type that actually
puts the respective company’s feet to the fire and asks them what their plans and
milestones are for the year ahead. This is quite an undertaking and is exhausting to say
the least. Others in our industry put out a similar report with about half as many
companies and charge for that one report, more than what we charge for basic service.
 But we did not stop there this year, we also have an outlook for Rare Earths as outlined
Entering the Great Unknown: Rare Earths in 2010
By Clint Cox
 2009 has been called “the Year of Rare Earths” by those in the industry. It was
tremendously exciting for the industry to be thrust into the spotlight.
I will admit that I missed the great rare earth run of 2009 in the junior exploration
companies. I tend to be very conservative in my analysis, and this often causes me to
miss opportunities in the junior mining sector. Even though I have discussed the risk of
the rare earths in The Morgan Report repeatedly, I feel the need to emphasize this
aspect once again.
First, let us begin with the current status of the rare earth elements (REEs) sector. The
mainstream media is now covering the rare earths on a regular basis—here are a couple
of the recent offerings: Members Only continue
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal subscribers for the support and
comments throughout 2009. Most of our speculative holdings are now positive again
and most of our Top Asset Companies continue to improve building shareholder value.
 The website www.Silver-Investor.com will be changed to a new and easier to navigate
site in early 2010. Most of my public dialogue will be done in Blog style which frees me
up from getting up at the crack of dawn every weekday to sort through the news
personally and post the most important articles pertaining to money, metals, and mining.
With that I do wish you excellent health in the New Year, and increased wealth as well.
David Morgan
Founder www.Silver-Investor.com

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