Bernanke Pushes for Central Bank Independence


I find it incredibly bothersome to read speeches from central bankers espousing “banking freedom” and the importance of “guiding” (as some sort of benevolent watchman) the interests of a “free” society. The implication, of course, as that society cannot function/expand/innovate without bankers, and that do so would instigate a swift return to the dark ages – a world without penicillin and pasteurized milk (heaven forbid milk with nutrients!). Since propagandists in modern media drink from this fraudulent fountain of Keynesian economics, society is left gleefully unaware of the gravity of our economic crisis, created and sustained by none other than the central bank itself.

On that note, enjoy the latest words from the wizard, Ben Bernanke, at the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies International Conference, Bank of Japan, Tokyo, Japan on May 25th:

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