Hidden Dollar Swap Hammer: by Jim Willie, CB


Each new round of Quantitative Easing and gold price suppression assures an even higher potential gold price as long-term forecast target. The official policies are ruinous, and even destroy capital, eroding capital formation, and circumvent job creation. The eventual gold target in my view has moved from $5000 to $7000 in the last few months. No remedy is in the works. No solution is even pursued. No liquidation of toxic assets is underway. More stimulus is planned for the USEconomy, as home foreclosures continue and bankruptcies continue and bank closures continue and lending is obstructed. The more money the syndicates and governments in partnership create in futility, the higher the gold target becomes. Their ship is but a derelict at sea. The lifeboats consist of golden vessels. Soon no more lifeboats will be available. The clowns on the helm will be the last drowning victims.

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