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Are You Ready To Discover How To Invest In Cobalt? We'll Show You What You Need To Know...

...Cobalt is currently an invaluable material for energy storage applications. So it's difficult to find reputable and stable pure-play cobalt stocks. We think it may not be a bad idea to gain some exposure to it in your own portfolio.

Dear Investor,

Cobalt is a difficult metal to categorize, as some consider it to be an industrial metal, while others place it under the rare earth/strategic metals. It has a wide use across much of the industrial world. Applications of this metal include aircraft engines, drill bits, magnets, batteries, pigmentation, orthopedic implants, and even gamma rays. The majority of cobalt is used for superalloys which are resistant to both corrosion and natural wear-and-tear.

So why cobalt is valuable?

Tesla serves as a perfect case study for explaining the value of cobalt. When the Roadster debuted years ago, it smoked the performance of most other EVs produced to that point. The original Model S had impressive specs relative to the competition as well. It was all made possible by betting on the right lithium-ion battery technology for on-the-move applications (such as transportation), where energy density and weight are critical factors. Those batteries relied heavily on cobalt.

That's still true today. In fact, even Tesla's stationary energy storage devices contain cobalt. The company's EVs use NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum) chemistries, while its grid batteries use NMC (nickel manganese cobalt oxide) chemistries. Although the exact ratios of the three materials can vary, the cathode of these batteries usually contain roughly 15% cobalt. Considering the battery systems for EVs weigh hundreds of pounds, that's not an insignificant amount of material -- especially with cobalt prices hovering near $37 per pound, or $80,000 per metric ton.

As you have read... Cobalt has a bright future.

Don't miss your opportunity to grab our Riches In Resources report and learn how to invest in cobalt.

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David Morgan

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Why Real Hard Assets?

The irresponsible economics of Central Bankers has made the protection of purchasing power the most important goal for anyone desiring a financially stable future. And, with our unique strategy, you can now invest in time tested assets such as precious metals. Not only do we generate wealth, but we show you how to protect what you already have as well.

Invest in Precious Metals

Our Dollar Is worth $0.03

Your wealth is steadily evaporating.. The purchasing value of the dollar is constantly being devalued as the government has massively increased the money supply. Doubling it in just seven years alone and those dollars have become less valuable.
how to invest in silver

Devaluation Destroys Wealth

At the turn of the 20th century, the money supply was just $7 billion. Today there are literally 3,900X more dollars in existence. While economic growth has meant we all make many more dollars today, it is amazing how quick it destroys our wealth.
Invest in Precious Metals

No Money in Retirement

It's difficult to find any investment that gives you a reasonable return. More and more people at retirement age are still working and can't afford to retire. In fact, there's a whole generation who can't afford to retire. I'll be willing to bet you know a few.
Invest in Precious Metals

Borrowing on Borrowed Time

The U.S. government is running up the debt while running out of places to borrow. The "official" federal debt will soon cross the $20 trillion mark. If you factor in unfunded liabilities add another $200 trillion to the federal debt. This makes the federal government's total financial obligations at least 36 times its annual income.
Invest in Precious Metals

All Fiat Money System Fail

Today's monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion (lie), failure has been the result. The question is not will it happen, but when will it happen?
Invest in Precious Metals

Gold At $10,823.70/oz

The true inflation adjusted high of Gold from the last time Gold boomed to $850/oz on January 1980. This is using 1980's inflation calculation formula which doesn't hide real inflation like today's. We haven't even scratched the surface of the price potential. Using the same calculations, Silver's true inflation adjusted high is $568/oz.

Where Would You Rather Have Your Wealth... Paper Money or Precious Metals?

Can cobalt and other hard assets work for you?

If you're looking for safer investments live cobalt, god, silver and all the other hard assets , then the Morgan Report this is a strategy worth considering. Buying a commodity like cobalt, gold or silver limits your financial risk against economic collapse, and is a great way to protect yourself financially.

Investors need to reassess their risk profile.

Maybe you have enjoyed the rise in stock prices over the past few years, but the sudden market downturn has shaken the ground beneath investors’ feet. In particular, investors who entered the equity markets in the past few years and made investing decisions based on their experience of a buoyant market may need to go back to the drawing boards.

Let Me Show You How It Is Still Possible To Make Huge Profits And Protect Your Wealth With The Resource Sector. You Can Continue To Grow Your Wealth Regardless Of The Changing Winds Of Politics, The Economy And The Financial Markets.

Riches In Resources

There Is A 100% Failure Rate Of ALL Fiat Money Throughout History, Discover How The Morgan Report Can Help You Build & Preserve Your Wealth

Precious Metals Can Protect Your Wealth. Grab Our Report As We Show You How!...

Until 1971, the dollar’s value was pegged to gold, and other countries valued their currencies by pegging them to the dollar. When U.S. President Richard Nixon changed the way our currency is valued by unpegging the dollar from the value of gold, the American dollar and most other world currencies fell into a free fall. The only tools governments had to prop up their economies were printing more currency (which devalues it even further), extending more credit (which leads to individual and organizational spending habits that cannot be supported), and reactionary economic policy using a combination of tax breaks, interest rate changes and foreign borrowing; all of which ravage the value of currency. That fateful 1971 decision created a disastrous and dangerous economic future for everyone – everyone, that is, except for those who are willing to make smart wealth protection decisions and buy silver online.

As the dollar’s value against gold declined, an interesting process began to take shape: precious metals like gold and silver began to rise in value. At one point, the increase in the value of gold was enough to cover the increase in the money supply. At another point, it was enough to cover the increase in the money supply plus all outstanding credit debt. Precious metals, like gold and silver, are the only investments that cyclically revalue themselves based on the amount of paper currency in existence. When you purchase precious metals, you are making an investment that offers a virtually foolproof method of protecting your wealth.

Investing in precious metals is one of the most proactive ways you can protect and grow your wealth.

It's Been 10 years since the American Financial Crisis, have we learned anything from this economic collapse?

As you read just a few moments ago, there Is A 100% failure rate of ALL FIAT money. In other words, throughout 5,000 years of history, EVER FIAT SYSTEM has failed! Argentina is on the verge of another economic collapse. If you are not familiar with Argentina's Financial Crisis you need to watch the video below.

The Argentine Crisis

The Argentinian government defaulted on $155 billion in public debt. Since then, this once-wealthy country has gone through five presidents and watched its currency fall by more than 85 percent. And in May of 2018 Argentina is seeking IMF financial aid 'to avoid another crisis'

Are you ready for a financial crisis? YOU SHOULD BE!

How do people survive in a broken economy? The solutions range from the ingenious — barter clubs where members can exchange goods and services without money — to the brutal, including outbreaks of rioting.

Argentina has suffered a spectacular economic collapse. For market-wary Americans — shaken by the end of the bubble and economic turbulence — the questions arise:

Could Argentina’s dire economic situation ignite a new contagion that would sweep through Latin America, destabilizing the region, and further threaten America’s ill economy? And, beyond that, could something like that ever happen at home, undermining America’s middle-class stability?

With the most basic government services now only a memory and the army camped around the capital, how can the people of Argentina begin to put their society back together?

What does a financial meltdown look like? And where do American interests or responsibilities lie?

The real question we should be asking…. “When will this happen here in America?”

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