Trump Proves Elite Overreach Is Topping


With obvious corruption and overreach in political parties, presidents, banks, government, currency, entertainment, consumerism and all areas of modern life, we are faced with a pending collapse and a stark choice between the temptation to remain in the herd and be stripped slowly of our liberty and will, or the opportunity to awaken and take charge of our destiny now. David Morgan, renowned precious metals guru and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on the impact of the presidential election and the elite power structures far above it. Morgan then reasserts the primacy of the individual and family in community and advises specific steps and attitudes to take now to protect our wealth and well-being. Don’t miss it!

The Morgan Report’s prediction that the Commitment of Traders (COT) Report shows near record short contract positions taken by commercial traders against gold, signifying increased probability of a downside move.
Mike Maloney of also predicting a gold drop for the same reason.
Gold as an indicator of uncertainty:
US Presidential election season has seen a run-up of gold towards the election, spiked on recent FBI re-opening of investigation against Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified emails, then dropped on re-announcement of no finding by James Comey.. (More uncertainty: GOLD UP, reduced uncertainty: GOLD DOWN)
Clinton on record as supported by major banks, establishment power structure that’s been running markets..
If near record gold short position on election day, signals that the banks and commercial traders were predicting a Clinton presidency, and taking advantage of a tipping point of reduced uncertainty, poised to smack down gold, even during this bull market?
Since Trump elected and globalist elites and bankers upset, what are responsible avenues available to protect wealth?
-Hold gold/silver & accumulate on dips?
-Buy protective put options on GLD to hedge against near-term drop in gold price?
“It’s the job of a bull market to shake off as many people as it can on its way up.”
Morgan Report called the recent top in gold and silver–
Commitment of Traders: good indicator of near top/bottom, but not a great timing indicator.
Still probably enough room now to take some profits or hedge against drop.
Accumulating precious metals during the next 4 years is an imperative, since US President will not have enough power to turn the ship around.
Government will not save you: Much more important for individual people to figure out how to take care of themselves, their families and community.
You are on your own, and you will find that out as the system starts to fail: Pensions, Annuities, Insurance, Banking, Social Security: all failing.
If you don’t own any precious metals, and agree you need to be responsible for your own well-being, precious metals should be about #5 in your top-10 list.
Jim Sinclair article 11/8/16: Preparations are More Important Than Silver!
Store a month or more of food now: a bet you can’t lose!
Morgan Report Latest November 2016 edition
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The road ahead for gold & silver on presidential election & inauguration cycle?
We have overdone consumerism, materialism, dependency on others.
The government has overreached, is topping, it is failing and will continue to fail.
Correlation between depreciation of currency and degradation of morality in the culture.
This time it will be truly global, distortions could get very extreme.
Be steadfast in your moral structure.
Attitude of Gratitude
We have had too much for too long..not guided by balance.
Recommended reading: “Return to Order” book by John Horvat II
Elites running out of endgame: “At the end, they will have to take off their costumes and run stark naked, and be seen for what they really are”
Baldfaced lies, obvious overreach.
Bright side of the gathering storm:
The worse it gets, the greater opportunity for increase in individual liberty.
Seize the opportunity, wake up, become an adult, take responsibility, and prepare now!
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