The Morgan Report Newsletter – September 2016


This month our Editor, David Morgan, provides an insightful overview of the financial and investment landscape – the similarities he sees with the 2003/2008 periods – and how these elements are likely to impact subscribers’ investments over the near to intermediate term. The ongoing deficiencies in the global economy are demonstrating just how little (beneficial) effect Federal Reserve and central banks policies are having, or will have going forward.
Also covered is the near to intermediate-term outlook for the precious metals and miners, from a perspective that should help buttress the optimism of holders that they are indeed doing the right thing during the current correction.
As a bonus, TMR subscribers are given information whereby international diversification in precious metals can be effectively undertaken. This company’s gold and silver platform is described as “one of the most sophisticated in the industry. All precious metals products are under the direct control and ownership of the client… with privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.”
Next up are a series of informative and actionable reviews of what we believe are some of the best gold and silver miners on the board – all worthy of your time to carefully study. Chris Marchese, our Senior Equities Analyst, does the honors on these companies this time around. A number of the companies he has profiled during the last 9 months have yielded stellar stock appreciation terms, standing out even in the 2016 environment early this year, when you could almost throw a dart at a company list and by now, get a double on your money. In fact three of his suggestions show 300 – 700% gains y-o-y (year on year)!
Not to mention that in the midst of the current downdraft, these particular choices are holding onto most of their gains quite well, to say the least. And need we remind readers that Chris was “ahead of the crowd” by almost 2 years in predicting – and discussing in TMR how investors could handle, what is now generally recognized as a red-hot bull market in zinc?
In keeping with our tradition of updating subscribers on changes in the Asset Allocation Tables, TMR discusses two portfolio changes we’re recommending.
We finish this month with answers to a wide-ranging set of questions in our Letters to the Editor section. Don’t forget, all questions from Premium and Mastermind Members are answered on an individual basis – just one of the many benefits you receive with a subscription to The Morgan Report.

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