The August 2010 Morgan Report Webinar


This August issue of The Morgan Report was primarily done by Webinar which you can access as a member of the website.
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I did make some notes regarding the position limit changes that will take place in the Futures Market for silver. Also we made crystal clear exactly what the new “health bill” truly means for reporting requirements on precious metals transactions above $600.00 staring in 2012. This one topic generated tons of emails — but we have the complete facts for you so there is no mistake exactly what this means to you as a precious metals investor.
Additionally, there has been a huge shift in the Rare Earth Elements space and we report on this as well. During my research after Clint Cox sent us his update on REEs, I actually found an REE investment that is selling at a discount and makes total sense to my conservative nature. It takes out much of the risk of investing or speculation in a REE mining company. I will be buying on Monday, but did not buy ahead of the letter being posted. There will most likely be another financing so the stock may take a hit, but I doubt it because as stated above this company is selling for LESS than net asset value.
Mike Maloney did much of the presentation for the August Webinar and he is rather famous since his book is the best selling in the precious metals space and has the Rich Dad label as well. Mike and I spoke together at the first Sliver Summit Asia in March of this year.
Mike Maloney is the founder of and is one of my trusted metals dealers, for those that want a fair deal on Silver Eagles especially, or any common gold or silver, use this link:
Also, we will provide an update to our speculative stocks in approximately
2 weeks.
That concludes this brief summary of the August edition of The Morgan Report
Wishing you health above wealth and wisdom beyond knowledge,
David Morgan
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