I am a owner operator of a small successful construction renovation company in Peterborough Ontario, Canada.(population approx 80,000)
I started my business here in Peterborough in 1999 and am working in the local economy on a daily basis. I learned almost everything I know from the school of hard knocks. We are currently very busy but I am not confident in the current system the way it is, or in the powers that be that be running things.
In fall 2009, SILVER started doing its job! I noticed its price starting to rise dramatically! It perked my interest and have become fascinated by it ever since! Silver was the trigger that made me want to learn about the REAL economy.
I needed to learn why its price was rising so fast and about all its wonderful uses and characteristics!
In 2010 we decided to cancel our satellite TV, it was a great decision! I turned to the internet and discovered alternative media. I realized how bad I was being dooped by the Main Stream Media i.e.. 2004 Iraq war etc. etc. On the net I discovered people like David Morgan, Eric Sprott, Turd Ferguson,
Brother John F., Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,Dan Norcini,and sites like Gata, Silver Seek, Zero Hedge, and RT News etc. etc.
I now was learning about the history of silver and currencies, our monetary systems and how things really work, like fractional reserve banking which was never taught to me! Stuff like EROEI and Bitcoin and the Blockchain as well. I also learned of the industrial military complex and medical complex, and how in my opinion, are causing more harm than good! I was now aware that our economies are broken. Although Peterborough is somewhat isolated from Major macro market swings and downturns I see the ever growing gap between the Haves and the Have-nots. I volunteer at a homeless shelter( The Warming Room ) – – and see people on the margin, many on a concoction of medication they probably shouldn’t be on. Peterborough has one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada.
People are suffering a Global Corporate takeover and most don’t recognize it! Our food, our Gov’ts, our Media, our economies are all being hijacked!
I needed to make a few changes to help my family and others enjoy a better life for the rest of our time here on earth.
One day while at the farmers market getting real local un-pakaged food, I met two fellas promoting a local currency- The Kawartha Loon! I was skeptical at first but after learning about it, and its benefits, I embraced it. I am now serving on the Board of Governors of the Kawartha Loon Exchange.
The Kawartha Loon Exchange or KLE is the governing body for the local economic initiative using a local currency called Kawartha Loons. The KLE oversees an organized system of exchange between local producers, retailers and consumers primarily for life essential goods and services including food, water, energy, wellness and culture using the Kawartha Loon.
The way It works is, anyone can exchange $.90 Can. for $1 Kawartha Loon at the local Credit Union Bank or at an exchange location. It can be spent at any local business @ par with the Canadian Dollar, giving a 10% increase in your purchasing power! In turn, these businesses can spend them at other businesses that honour them. There are now approx. 140 businesses engaged and growing! At any point the Loons can be taken back to the Credit Union or an exchange and trade back to the Canadian Dollar for 10% less.
This promotes the local economy and eventually job growth. The multiplier effect! It helps to take back our economy from the Wall Marts and the Home Depots etc.
A Grass Roots Movement.
The KLE is part of Transition Town Peterborough!
I’ve heard stories of Hyperinflation, like my Grandparents in Weimar Republic when a postage stamp costs 5 billion marks. A wheelbarrow full of currency bought a loaf of bread!
I’m not sure we will get hyperinflation but I wonder about the trillions of $ pumped into the system?
An interesting fact people should consider is a trillion seconds = over 31000 years!
The central planners and state leaders are so far removed from the masses in the real economy, some have a sickness of more more more more.
I believe SILVER will eventually regain its place as a store of its true value.
SILVER is an amazing element with so many uses!
The challenge is convincing the average Joe of its true value!
Derry O’Byrne

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