Silver is a Screaming Buy


Silver is a Screaming Buy
David morgan

Interview Highlights
the silver market is on fire at the retail level
the government mints are way behind
US Mint is on allocation
the Canadian Mint is shutdown for now
the Perth Mint is selling record volume now
the smaller scale retail investor is backing off now but larger orders are coming in
on a true money supply basis, silver is priced back at the $5 level from the early 2000s
$16 per oz. today is the same as an adjusted $5 per oz. in the early 2000s
now is a great time to switch out of equities into metals
there is an arbitrage opportunity in the spread between rounds and good delivery bars but you would have to be patient and ok with risk
current delays for pressing rounds are approximately 12 weeks
we are waiting for roughly 5 million oz. to flow through the system
I think the Fed will hike before the end of the year to save face
longer term the Fed is in a box it can’t get out of
going to 3% [federal funds rate]is probably fatal to them
the bond market really scares me
the equity market as a whole is overvalued
just because you think you can prevent something it doesn’t mean you can or will e.g. Long Term Capital Management
no matter how good an investment is don’t overdo it
don’t overload on metals, 10% is plenty for most investors
more pain lies ahead for industrial metals
we like zinc
the decline in platinum is probably overdone
central banks have been net buyers of gold recently
the Chinese will end up with the most gold because of their production
I don’t see how oil prices can stay low

David Morgan is a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering, he created the website and originated The Morgan Report, a monthly that covers economic news, overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems, and the key reasons for investing in precious metals.
As publisher of The Morgan Report, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, and BNN in Canada. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, The Gold Report and numerous other publications. If there is only one thing to teach you about this silver bull market it is this… 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time! Where will you be when this happens?


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