Silver Begins 2010 with an Impressive Start


James Turk and I are friends and have shared speaking venues many times.  He does
excellent presentations and it quite studied in the silver market. In fact he asked me to
proof part of his book on the silver section which I was more than happy to do.
This article is worth the read and pay attention to the very long term chart pattern:
January 9, 2010 – Silver jumped out of the gate to begin 2010 with a flying start.  It climbed
a remarkable 9.7% in this year’s first week of trading to end the week at $18.458. 
From its $8.79 low barely fourteen months ago after the de-leveraging and mass
liquidation of assets resulting from the Lehman Brothers collapse, silver has climbed an
astounding 110%.  But the upside fireworks have hardly begun.
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