Round Two Of Global Melt Down – Watch This Unfold…


Within the United States, the US Federal Government and The US Federal Reserve Bank interventions have failed. These manipulations, by the central bank, in order to maintain the current stock bubble, and the real estate bubble, are currently reflecting the acts of failed monetary and fiscal policies, as we are presently experiencing.
The reality is that the US economy has already been in contraction for many years now.
The government intervention is failing in Europe, Japan, and now apparently also in China. Government interventions globally are currently becoming more vulnerable The US, Europe, Japan, and China have all been experiencing failures. We are currently witnessing the results of total failures, right under our noses. I believe, we are closer to that point of the Global Financial Meltdown than anyone else may realize. This collapse in China is a major shock, which has triggered a major market sell-off within the US markets.
Over $2 trillion has been lost in the U.S. market alone within the past week of August 24th through August 28th, 2015. Globally, I estimate $5 trillion has been lost, in total, during the same time period. A domino effect has been caused by affecting economies globally rippling all simultaneously.
We are currently deal with the unspoken deflation problem. Commodities prices and oil are down sharply the past year. No major economy looks even close to true real expansion.
What is taking place right now, in the stock market, is just a precursor for what is about to happen, shortly. This is my view of foreseeing a pre-crash, and I believe that we should all be aware that this is looks to be the “real deal” and could occur take hold in more serious way before the end of October. This seems to be a bubble of historical proportion. Raising interest rates today is impossible because the market is way too fragile, at present.
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