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This week we are sending a comment from a paid member..
Comments: Hey David! I’ve now been subscribing with you for a year (just got my 3rd 6 month renewal notice yesterday… I should consider yearly!
Thank you for teaching me so much! I enjoy watching/reading, even with the brutality that’s gone on with Silver (and the mining stocks). Your Asset Allocation has been a great guide for me in mining! (Honestly, after signing up for a few other free newsletters, the spam I get hawking some random stock is scary!!) I’m glad I’ve scribed to your service! (You and Chris Martinson).
The last few weeks runs, and learning to tighten up some stops, almost has me back in the black in the money I’ve allocated to mining stocks. So, smiles there.
Oh, while I am typing your ear off, In 08 I bought 250oz of silver shot (Was the only silver to be found at $12. for me). Do you recommend a trusted source for turning that into something like rounds? It only represents a small portion of my physical (mostly split among ASE, CML, rounds, junk, etc), so I’ve been just ignoring it..
Anyway, not much of a valid question. but, I’ve been just quietly consuming your content, and wanted to say hi! Sorry if it is so terse (yet long). I’m trying to honor your time!?
Our very best, Eric & Cindy
Publisher note: As an advanced member you are allowed to submit questions. We cannot answer them all but we may post your question in our newsletter for all to see. We cannot comment on individual companies, per SEC regulations. However this question was answered.
Additionally, we will be increasing prices January 2013. The basic service was at one silver ounce per month, but we have held our prices back. Do to the increase in our costs (more staff) we need to keep a profit. However, according to our technical support anyone that becomes a paid member now will be able to lock in current prices. If you are an existing member you will not see a price increase as long as you keep an active membership.

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