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For this week we are showing a press release regarding The Morgan Report see below-
We want to emphasize that all readers of this free list will have the opportunity to lock in the current prices which are some of the lowest in the industry. Further the current low price will remain in effect as long as your membership remains valid.
Silver Investing Newsletter Service Increasing Prices — The Morgan Report on Money, Metals, and Mining will be Available at Current Prices Until TEOTWAWKI
Silver investing guru and founder of, David Morgan, is currently running an end-of-the-world special offer — price increases begin after December 21, 2012.
Spokane, Washington (PRWEB) October 16, 2012
David Morgan, silver investing pro, founder of Silver Investor, and world-known author and speaker, announced a price increase for The Morgan Report, better known as THE REPORT for Money, Metals, and Mining. The new prices will go into effect December 22, 2012.
Between now and December 21, 2012, all subscribers can lock in the current prices and maintain them as long as their membership remains valid. Known for expert analysis, timing of the precious metals markets, and a serious approach to investing, this newsletter stands well ahead of its peers and is currently one of the lowest-cost services in the entire industry.
An acknowledged “workaholic,” Mr. Morgan will not be producing as much content for free in the public domain as he has accomplished the past thirteen years, which means his focus will be even more intense on his paid subscribers. Basic members will receive Trading Silver in your Sleep, Silver in the Next Decade, and Harvesting Green on the Pink Sheets. Additionally, advanced memberships allow direct e-mail to the staff at
Further details are explained in the video on the front page of
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