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This week we received this input from the YouTube Channel…
I am betting on $12-$13 test and a dip below to scare people Silver is going back to the single digits for a long time, that’s the time to buy The last 4 years and the BS spun by these Silver pumpers have destroyed so many people! If they were stock brokers, law suits would be flying!
Comment: Certainly we as much as anyone are aware not only of the price movements but the sentiment of probably the majority of those that have invested in the silver market above the current price. Yet knowing the ups and downs of any market especially the silver market it was my duty to express the best way I knew of to purchase silver. Most on this free e-letter should have received this information.
From the Ten Rules of Silver Investing: Rule 4. Dollar – cost average to lower your costs – and increase your discipline.
Dollar-cost averaging is an ideal way to implement Rule 2. By making same-dollar purchases at regular time intervals, you wind up buying more metal when prices are low and less when they are high. This approach helps you develop discipline, erasing the “trader’ mentality that infects many market participants and instead fostering an “investment” philosophy.
Dollar-cost averaging also eases some of the sting when prices move against you, allowing you to view the downturn as an improved buying opportunity rather than a disappointing loss.
Yes, personally we have bought some silver at the $30 level and obviously that is poor timing, yet it was one purchase of many– because by taking the action outlined in Rule 4 the last purchase was at $16.25. Employing a long term view and knowing most commodity cycles last seventeen years dictates that the most experienced / disciplined investors are still in this market when no one else wants to touch it.
David Morgan
The Silver Investor

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