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Question: I just read about the CFTC investigation in silver manipulation, that they see no manipulation and therefore no more investigation. Moreover, I learn now there’s a law that permits the U.S. government to manipulate the prices…How are we ever going to win this battle if they can keep on manipulating the price with paper gold? Kind regards, Tim.
Comment: Because they will run out of physical (real) gold and/or silver at some point as more demand is put on real metal, as we outlined in the October 2013 Morgan Report about confidence.
As confidence continues to crumble, more physical gold and silver will be sought and it does not take a whole lot more demand. These metals are called precious for a reason, they are scarce! So, let’s say just one percent of the investable “money” floating around the world decides to move into the metals–that alone would take the price higher but at the same time COULD (not would) cause a physical squeeze.
We know there is trouble already, as Germany has been told by the New York Fed that they have to wait seven years to get their gold back. Are you kidding? Now things are unwinding more quickly and the day of reckoning may be closer than it appears.
That is how we win!!
David Morgan

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