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Question: David — What is your “take” on the CFTC decision on the silver manipulation?
Answer: Very similar to these–
GATA secretary interviewed by KWN on CFTC’s refusal to act on silver complaints
Chris Powell the secretary/treasurer of GATA was interviewed by King World News today about the decision of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission not to take any action in complaints of manipulation of the silver market. An excerpt from the interview is posted at the King World
News blog here:
And the interview below…
Rob Kirby and Lars Schall
It has been my contention that manipulation of the overall trend is not possible — but within the uptrend the market has been manipulated many,many times. Also, I have stated that “proving” manipulation would be almost impossible.
The problem the paper pushers have is that paper gold and paper silver do NOT equal the real thing. More and more understand this and because of that fact Germany is supposed to wait seven years to get its gold returned. The paper pushers are losing control the evidence is out there.
David Morgan

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