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The July 2017 Edition of The Morgan Report is available for Subscribers.
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For the first time in 20 years, due to your Editor, David Morgan, presenting at a Conference in London, The Morgan Report is being released early, (now as opposed to the first Monday of the new month).

David’s editorial recounts the interview he conducted with Rick Maybury, long time editor of Early Warning Report. For many years, Rick’s analyses have been staple fare at the highest levels of government, in addition to his large civilian subscriber base. Rick is a Big Picture, long and intermediate term specialist. His revelations – as per usual – were extremely informative to those of us who seek to “make do” alongside the statist 800 pound gorillas as they jostle for global, regional – and domestic dominance. We’ve known Rick for decades and his perspective – not to mention actionable advice – never disappoints. Just one of the many benefits of being a TMR subscriber!
Next, David gives his take on the hot topic of the day – Bitcoin, the blockchain, and the possible emergence of gold and silver-backed digital “coins.” He is currently looking at an evolving project wherein this very concept may put in an appearance in the relatively near future. As he says in his editorial, “We are currently investigating the idea of a silver-backed cryptocurrency, and you (current subscribers) will be the first to receive this information.”
Next up, Senior Equities Analyst Chris Marchese makes a deep dive review of the two most highly-regarded and eagerly anticipated reports on all-things silver each year. You’ll want to sit down with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee for this one!
Both are published and updated annually. The first is The Silver Institute’s World Silver Survey; the second is the Silver Yearbook, published by the CPM Group (Jeff Christian). Chris looks carefully at the three main silver demand drivers, as well as the supply metric, and makes real sense out of the mountain of data that these reports make available to the discriminating investor.
Then we move on to our periodic section titled “Companies to Watch”, where we not only profile some of the ones already listed in our Asset Allocation Tables – which as a group have logged some of the very best results in the newsletter industry – but also from time to time, one or more “early days” projects that have the potential to do a surprise break from the pack, and perhaps even launch an upside moon shot. We profile three this month – all of whom appear to be substantially undervalued in relation to their potential.
A West African play whose flagship operation is looking at a first pour in Q4 this year; A big name streamer that’s making waves less than 18 months after its formation, and a possible “Eskay Creek-Type” deposit being delineated in B.C. Canada. If you’re not familiar with the explosive potential for something like this, just Google “Eskay Creek” and you’ll see why we want to keep an eye on this very early days exploration project. We may visit the property later this summer, and as per usual, our readers will be among the very first to get the news – good, bad or indifferent.
Attendant to this last company report, we discuss a concept about how to approach trading a company that has just announced a “big deal drill hole” versus one who might (most?) hit something big down the line. Getting this trading tactic right could add thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to your account. Getting it wrong, could easily cost you as much. Take the advice from an investor who has spent decades tracking these plays, and whom we talk about in considerable detail in our book released last fall, Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave.
We finish with a quick look and recommendation of three companies that in the wake of the GDXJ rebalancing, give strong signals of still being undervalued.
Our loyal readers, many of whom have been with us almost since David Morgan began publishing his letter just after the turn of the millennium, know that…
Every month, The Morgan Report provides a level of research and actionable advice you won’t find anywhere else. It’s yours for the asking…Don’t miss your Second Chance to put the TMR Deep Analysis Team on your side, to get successfully positioned for the next upside run in gold, silver, base metals and the mining stocks.
David Morgan

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