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This month, The Morgan Report includes for Premium Subscribers, the high points of discussion from a wide-ranging interview with Futurist Chris Martenson, conducted for David Morgan’s Master Mind level subscribers, with a monthly interview on the TMR-sponsored platform of the same name. These segments were chosen in order to provide Premium subscribers with the flavor and some of the interview’s content, while not detracting from the value proposition Master Mind subscribers deserve, due to their higher subscription-based outlay. Martenson’s observations and research are so profoundly informative that we may well invite him – on an annual basis – to be a Master Mind Presenter.
After outlining the Master Mind value proposition for those inclined to subscribe (or upgrade if currently a TMR Premium member), David Morgan’s Editorial opines, among other things to expect substantial volatility this year in the precious metals, which will present significant trading opportunities for a portion of one’s funds. Some very intriguing, if not fully developed elements are operating under the surface of the silver market – but David cautions, with specifics, as to how the risk-controlled investor should approach this lucrative, but also potentially treacherous market space.
This month, we add a New Buy recommendation to our Asset Allocation portfolio. Right now, it’s under most investors’ (and analysts) radar, but by highlighting it, The Morgan Report is simply carrying out its long standing policy of uncovering little-known resource sector gems that offer potentially outstanding risk/reward metrics.
Subscribers are aware of and well-versed in a near-term spinoff company slated to begin trading this month, which alongside the company which created it, could offer an extraordinary one-two profit punch for investors willing to accept a calculated risk-to- potential-profit scenario. If our New Buy performs as expected, TMR may have executed a hat-trick for its informed – and perhaps very lucky subscribers.
Next up is our periodic Company Updates section – where you’ll receive extensive breadth and depth of detail and analysis – placing you in the profit potential driver’s seat, should you decide to add a few of our Asset Allocation Tables’ recommendations to your research, and perhaps purchasing decisions.
By the middle of the current month, TMR will be posting a Special Report for Subscribers, on a “double-contrarian play” – a little-followed South American explorer-producer, in an under-appreciated resource subsector (for now) involving a “metal” that after being in a serious downtrend for going on seven years, may be on the cusp of a powerful and sustained revival to the upside.
Near the end of this month’s issue, Letters to the Editor and Final Thoughts put in an appearance as a capstone – proof positive to investors, traders and speculators, that every month, The Morgan Report provides a level of research and actionable advice you won’t find anywhere else. It’s yours for the asking…Don’t miss your Second Chance to put the TMR Deep Analysis Team on your side to help you successfully position for the next upside run of gold, silver, base metals and the mining stocks.

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