We just toured THIS Record by Reserves' Gold Project!


My name is David H. Smith. I am Senior Analyst for the Morgan Report.
I have just returned from an exciting visit to one of the world’s largest undeveloped Gold/Copper projects – by RESERVES – in the world.
I’d like to share with you some of the “exploration” work I perform, in the search for “Best of Class” resource sector companies that we can recommend for our readers.

Sometimes the landing "Zone" is pretty narrow...
Sometimes the landing “Zone” is pretty narrow…
One of the most touching comments about the reports I write for The Morgan Report was from a colleague who publishes a respected resource-sector quarterly.
Every issue of his publication is read cover-to-cover by paid subscribers and attendees at major conferences throughout North America.

He said,
David, the thing I really like about you and David Morgan’s other analysts, is that you guys often visit the projects and properties you write about. Even more unusual, is that you like to video interview Management – the CEO, the Geologists, the Project Managers, the Major Shareholders.
You’d be surprised at how many analysts research and publish reports without ever leaving their desk!

Flying through "The Tombstones" Yukon - Not for "arm-chair" analysts!
Flying through “The Tombstones” Yukon – Not for “arm-chair” analysts!
I’ll have to say that it really made me feel good. All the times trying to connect flights from a major airport hub to a smaller commuter fixed-wing, and then an almost invariable helicopter (Helo) ride – or several of them – in order to get a better view of the project by seeing the lay of the land, up close and personal.
And in order to scope out where the company is planning to build the components of an operation.
The Helo ride may involve “questionable weather”, side winds, “low visibility”, or a very tight landing spot between canyon walls several thousand feet high.
But it’s all just… part of my job.
Take a look to see where/how they plan to build:
? The Mill
? The Mine
? The Tailing Pond(s)
? The System to get Ore, Concentrate (“Con”), Dore bars to market.
? Any and all possible “Challenges” to the Environment.
? Infrastructure Support that brings it all together – for years – or decades.

Last month our members heard from the CEO of one of the biggest copper-zinc exploration projects in North America. (Yes, we are one the few in the business who conduct video interviews on site.)
As you may know, the price on both metals has been on fire lately. Take a look at the copper price!
5. Cash $Copper Daily
Here’s what the company I profiled in July has been doing in the share-price department lately… Yes, the best information yields the best results!
Whenever we share one of our many adventures, we get both positive and negative feedback – which is to be expected.
Also to be expected, is that after one good call, our readers – like hungry trout during a Mayfly hatch – say “OK, Where’s the next big play?”
"OK. Where's the next big play?"
“OK. Where’s the next big play?”
Keep reading because I, David Smith, have been busy “digging” out the best opportunities for you.
Just a few weeks ago, I visited the WORLD’S LARGEST (by confirmed Reserves) undeveloped deposit of gold and copper… which I plan to write about for the September (NEXT) issue of The Morgan Report.
This is a company that’s been going strong for 20 years.
It has:
? The world’s largest gold/copper by Reserves (not Resources)!
? 38.8 Moz. of Gold; 10 billion # of Copper; 183 Moz. of Silver.
? Less than 60 million shares outstanding.
? Current insitu value – per common share…$4,000!
? Projected >50 Year Mine life.
? Copper profile? A negative cash cost/ounce of mined gold!
? Increasing amount of gold ounces/share for stakeholders.
? Flagship Project Fully Permitted: NDA’s with the world’s largest producers.
? Low-cost (already contracted) access to nearby power.
? Best Available Technology (BAT) for operational protocol.
? Social License granted: First Nations, Provincial, Country levels.
? 7 yr./35,000 pp. compliance plan safeguards the environment.
? THREE Times between $35 – $40/share. Now? Under $12…
You need…The Rest of the Story… To Profit Ahead of the Crowd!!

We believe this company – even before a potential take-out by the Majors – is likely to be one of the elite top-tier share price performers when the next confirmed up-leg in the precious metals bull run gets underway.
Will it rocket out of the gate like the company I profiled above in July? No one knows. But I do know one thing…If you don’t act now, then you just get to watch!
The choice is yours. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. As I always say, We do the Research. You Do the Math… and verify everything, Since The Decision MUST be Yours!”
If you have read our silver price forecast for 2017, you know what lies just ahead. NOW is the time to ACT!!
You need to subscribe to The Morgan Report today – because other, more expensive newsletters you’ve paid for haven’t measured up.

Remember we have profiled more exploration plays that went on to become producing mines – than anyone else in the business.
We know you can choose and we’re glad you have selected us. But, if for any reason our letter is not for you, just let us know – and we’ll gladly refund your money… every penny.
David H. Smith

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