Hard Sell for Easy Gains: Will this be a potential 2017 Resource Sector game-changer?


The Morgan Report team has been working hard to bring a special situation speculation play to your attention. These types of events are quite rare. We are currently the only ones in a position to give you advance notice before this becomes big news later in the year. You must do your own thinking, reflecting on what you believe to be the risk/reward profile, then consider if taking action to reap the potential benefits makes sense.
During the last couple of public interviews – most recently on streetwisereports.com under the subheading “A Speculation where our hands are tied”, we hinted at this potentially game-changing situation, about a company we have actively followed for almost two years.
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At the time, we felt that you might have two months to decide about taking action. But yesterday (Tuesday, January 10), in a portion of a company News Release (the name and details of which have been heavily redacted in order to protect our paid website members), the following statements were made:

In December 2016, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposal to spin-out (redacted) to (redacted), including all ______related assets…the _______, to _____for ___million dollars. The decision to move forward…allow(s) the new company ______ to focus exclusively on the development, enhancement and commercialization of this new ______ technology…
Exchange and shareholder approval is required for this transaction with January 23, 2017 set as the shareholder date of record. (our emphasis) This means that any registered ________ shareholder as of this date will be able to vote at the soon to be announced Special Meeting on this proposed transaction. If the approvals are obtained, _________ shareholders on or about ______will receive…approximately 1 free trading share of (the spinoff company) for every 10 shares held in (the parent company). More detailed information on this transaction will be included in an information circular that will be sent to shareholders…

Again, for potential investors, this is a speculative situation with no guarantees, and therefore we suggest that you proceed with caution. However if you review our past few interviews and mailings – all of which have been available to subscribers of The Morgan Report you will have built up a good knowledge basis – not only as to what this is all about – but also as to how big a potential impact it could have on at least two major industries.

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