Gold, Stocks — Forecast 2010


Here is an article sent to me from the Founder– do not know his track record but we have
upgraded our site and services… We are looking at our basic plus service which has one
of the most unique alerts features on the Internet and it still is only $269 per year!
Check out this article and the service — again it certainly could be worth it I personally do
not know, but I do know it is $250 per month. Basically, what we charge for a year–
Here is the article from Active Trading Partners>>>

A post here for ATP called “The bull case is not dead yet”. This ended up as an article on, which you can review here: Bull Not Dead Article- Banister. I stuck my
neck out, which I love to do once in awhile when the contrarian mood strikes me. I wrote
a Feb 25th article this year going very bullish on the markets when everyone was bearish.
I wrote an article in early August going very bullish gold and gold stocks, when they were
not in bull mode. Obviously, if you stick your neck out enough you’ll get your head
chopped off, but I only write these every 3-4 months or so… so far, so good.
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For those following us carefully, we put out an update to all our members covering the
current and long range market conditions. An update on one of our select speculative
Additionally, we went through the changes on our website and our services for our members.

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