Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge


I was asked if there were any good books about gold confiscation and do I have any recommendations. As it turns out I do. The guys over at Dollar Vigilante have a put out “Get Your Gold Out Of Dodge” – A complete resource on Internationalizing Your Precious Metals.  ~David Morgan

“Today we have a sinking currency, a ballooning national deficit and a revenue-hungry IRS accosting taxpayers, suing foreign banks and harassing foreign governments for allegedly owed taxes. I wouldn’t put it past President Obama to justify confiscating gold as a means of stabilizing the country’s monetary system. My advice is simple: Plan and act accordingly.”
– Bob Bauman, The Sovereign Investor
Even if you don’t believe gold confiscation or heavy taxation is in the works, it still makes sense to get a sizable percentage of your precious metals outside of, and sheltered from, the control of your own government. Anything can and will happen in the coming years, as the fiat monetary system collapses and you definitely do not want to get caught without options.Here is an Interview with Vin Maru, Head Researcher for “Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge”…

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To learn more or order your copy of “Get Your Gold Out Of Dodge” just follow this link.

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