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David Morgan’s nuanced – and perceptive – Editorial take on The Donald’s ascendency to the Oval Office should help temper, from both ends of the political spectrum, the reader’s expectations and concerns about what comes next. Love him or hate him, resource sector investors are going to be in for a wild – and potentially profitable ride as his presidential term plays itself out!
For your own good – and that of your investments – you really need to memorize and reflect upon David Morgan’s precise and comprehensive definition of just what the Deep State represents. The tectonic plates of the current crop of “winners” and “losers” are grinding together, with outcomes of incalculable significance to everyone involved.
Last month’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), at which your Editor was a Keynote Speaker, was well-attended, giving another indication that the precious metals and mining shares’ bull run is on its way back. He has also been invited, along with other prominent names, to speak at the Anarcho-Capitalist Conference in Acapulco later this month.
David’s considered opinion on the path this year of gold, silver and palladium, should help TMR subscribers plan their portfolios in a way that responds to market-driven events, rather than attempting to predict them. Being aware of the primary elements, and how they push investment values back and forth can be a more fruitful study than simply acting on the opinions of those who think they can predict the future.
David finishes his analysis by looking at the metals used in battery and energy storage applications – avoiding the hype now filling the airways seeking investment dollars from the gullible.
Senior Equity Analyst, Chris Marchese, gives readers the full-meal deal on a silver miner that – if it’s not on your radar screen now – certainly deserves to be! By all indications, this one is considerably undervalued in relation to its peers. Part of the reason for our deep understanding of this company is that – unlike some analysts who compose their reviews from the comforts of an easy chair – TMR actually likes to put boots on the ground to either confirm or deny the data. Just one more reason why the nominal price for a subscription to The Morgan Report can put you “In the room – In the Deal” more effectively than if you had spent an additional 5 – 10x on some other newsletters.
TMR has recently added another value proposition, titled Development and Exploration, to its Asset Allocation section. Subscribers will want to watch this space – now containing six contenders for prime time status – to help inform their own asset allocation decision-making.
We finish this month’s issue with Letters to the Editor – the answers to which in and of themselves, might “trump” the value proposition offered by an entire issue of other letters!
Up, down, or sideways, you need to have David Morgan and The Morgan Report’s team of analysts at your side helping you position properly for the resurgent bullish posture of gold, silver, base metals and the mining stocks.
David Morgan

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