Excerpt January 2011 Morgan Report


“As our members (especially long-term subscribers) know, we look throughout the mining sector to find value for our members. We are NOT a silver-only letter, although many who are not members perceive us in that light. This is not to diminish the fact that most of our time and energy is devoted to the macroeconomic picture and the precious metals; we have suggested copper, manganese, moly, uranium, lithium, and other types of resources for investment.
“In our view there will be a turnaround for nuclear energy in America. It will be a big challenge for the United States and Europe to catch up with Asia’s aggressive use of nuclear energy. China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are rushing headlong into the nuclear power era. However, once the USA gets busy building out this industry, it could do wonders for the economy, not to mention the employment picture.
“The bottom line is that the control of energy is the ultimate weapon that can be used between countries or even against a population. Regardless of how much energy might be available it is the control of the resource that will determine price and could cause conflict in the future. Watch oil and energy prices; as oil moves to more than $100 per barrel there will certainly be increased tension on many levels.”
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