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Blog Note: This is from one of the many silver dealers we know personally and was responsible for helping me shoot the Matrix video, putting silver in the proper “light”
This message is from David Silva–
Greetings Friends-
IMHO after 40 years of research, I am convinced there is no better way to strike at the root of evil than to buy and hold physical silver. Not only it is the achilles heel of the banksters who currently control your politicians and money, but it will absolutely help you and your family when the US fiat currency does what every other fiat currency has done for the last 2,000 years, go belly up! Precious metals experts like Ted Butler, Jason Hommel, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, and Jim Rogers, and Hugo Salinas Price agree all agree – Every fiat currency will fail shortly after 40 years, and end in an ugly black hole of hyperinflation and currency debasement. It happened in Mexico in 1993, and it will happen in the USA just as surely as low tide follows high tide.
What does currency debasement mean? It means those US greenbacks you are holding in your bank account or mattress become worthless overnight. In the case of Mexico in 1993, when the currency everyone was holding suddenly became the “Old Peso” and was worth .0001 of the “New Peso”. Translation = That Fifty thousand dollars you had in the bank for a nest egg will now buy you only two weeks worth of lunches, because a Subway sandwich now costs five thousand dollars of “Old Dollars”. Also on that day, and conversely, your $5 grand to $10 grand investment in Silver Bullion could quite possibly buy you a house, if you time it right.
Any economist with a history book knows that fiat currencies have a 40 year cycle, this goes all the way back to when the Romans kept blocks of lead in their vaults and called them silver. When I do the math, Nixon took us off the gold standard, August 15th, 1971, which is 41.5 years ago. By “coincidence” our trillion dollar annual debt is bigger than our GDP, unmanageable, and our cumulative debt is a parabola headed straight up like a rocket. This is what always happens when banksters can print money for free and give it to their pals. Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Geithner will not tell you this because they are busy turning $4.00 worth of paper, ink and electricity into $1 million dollars! What a magical money machine! It’s know wonder the Federal Reserve has a private army of 1,000 police to protect such a racket. Due to this over printing habit, our kids and grandkids inherit a hundred thousand in debt that they will pay interest on their whole lives, unless we start to behave like adults and be like Iceland and jail our Central Banksters.
As anyone who has shopped at a store in the last few years can attest, prices are going up 20-25% a year or more. Did you get a 25% raise this year? I hope so, otherwise you are treading water. If you had bought silver five years ago, you would have seen a 40% annual increase. Silver is the most liquid commodity on earth, any coin shop or jeweler will buy it anytime, and it has functioned along with gold as money for over 5,000 years, but gold is $1600/oz, and Silver bullion is $29. oz. Silver also has a myriad of industrial uses that grow every day in electronics, solar industry and biotech.
Furthermore, I don’t think this issue could be more timely! As i type, both parties in DC have drawn battle lines and are reduced to sabre rattling and pocket pool. Instead of being grown ups, rolling up their sleeves, and admit they have been spending money like teenage crackheads for 33 years, they now have to address the fact they have bankrupted the USA. Today, March 1st, 2013 is the current fiscal cliff, which has morphed into a line in the sand, which our elected, “leaders” are currently sequestering and fillerbusting at record paces rather than face the writing on the wall.
It has been said that money and maturity are inversely proportional, the more money involved, the less mature everyone behaves. Now that there is $17 trillion at stake, watch as the level of discourse between Boehner and Obama becomes even more bizarre and pathetic than the idea of minting a $17 trillion platinum coin. Silver is today near 12 month lows.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Also contact us for Gold, or 90% Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters & Dimes.
As thanks to all my loyal customers, you can get a free copy of Silver Guru David Morgan’s book, “Skinny on Silver”, or a free “End the Fed” bumper sticker.
Also, Congratulations to Adam B., of Lake in the Hills, Ill. He is the winner of the 150,000th customer, and he won a new Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty 1 oz Silver Round!
Make it a great month, folks, and don’t forget to help each other.
All the best,
Dave Silva
(877) 298-9079

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