Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan's Apology to Chinese People for Verbal Gaffe


Mr. Morgan continues to stand by his prediction of $60 silver before the end of the year and a proverbial leg up in a bull market for silver as well as gold. Is it all speculative or is industrial demand factored in? Nevertheless, he alludes to a market like none we’ve never seen for precious metals as fund managers plow resources of their middle class constituents into the bullion in numbers not seen previously….and…. Is IS is? We still don’t know. We may never know. Finally Mr. Morgan whips out Old Glory, quotes Patrick Henry and stumps nearly tearfully for freedom. He’s clearly got “nothing left to lose” to quote Janis Joplin, or at least the US doesn’t. ” Give me liberty” and while you’re at it, “Give me all the gold and silver bullion and all the gold and silver stocks that I can afford.

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