Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan


With major analysts predicting a convulsive impact to the US Dollar this fall, driven by a global rush into the new SDR basket of currencies once it becomes turbo-charged with the Chinese Yuan and gold, how will Gold and Silver react, and what can you do NOW even beyond holding gold & silver to position yourself ahead of the next surprise leg of the bull market?

Approaching Sep 30, 2016 Chinese Yuan addition to the SDR basket of currencies
Jim Rickards has predicted a major upset to the global fiat currencies, including the US Dollar at the end of trading (4pm EDT Sept 30, 2016)
Most nation states know that there needs to be a reset – SDR will be funded by all the nation states, will the SDR be enacted as the new global currency? At least for state-to-state finances?
SDR may well be perceived as more desirable since “more stable”: a hedge against individual currency fluctuations. Will dollars be swapped out for SDRs by major holders all over the world?
SDR will only take hold if the populace is unaware of what it really means: just another paper fiat scheme.
Will SDR manage to extend the over-aged fiat system for a few more months or years?
Currency reset will cause a huge disruption in JIT (Just-in-Time) supply chains, but we may truly need to go through a reset to heal the unbacked unsound paper system.
Derivatives & swaps leverage are poised to collapse at a tipping point.
*** True reset without pain is impossible.
SDR impact on the gold market? Gold should be included in the SDR, and IMF should reprice gold much higher (Rickards calls for $10,000/oz) to provide liquidity and appearance of stability.
SDR could take gold either way, even based on rhetoric – if gold is declared to be in or out.
What happens when the psychological tipping point is breached, and the masses of the population follow the 1% of leaders (gold & silver stackers) away from empty fiat currency to real money (gold & silver)? Rush to physical precious metals driven primarily by fear, not greed. Suddenly population panic that their pension plan, saving account, real estate portfolio value will implode.
We must recognize the inherent risks in the Keynesian fiat Ponzi scheme – Yes it fuels economic growth on steroids, but when you run out of followers, the pyramid collapses.

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