Did you see this… [Free Training]


“AHA”…that’s the moment when it all clicks.
Each year, a few great articles are released that explore a single epiphany and the massive results that can come from one nugget of “pure gold” (metaphorically of course) in this exploration.
It can take a lifetime gathering and searching for these epiphanies used to assemble into a cohesive strategic plan to reach your desired goal.
What would it mean to you if you could shorten the years can take to mastermind your strategy into one 3 day weekend? And what if you didn’t even have to leave your own home? Finally it’s here…
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The GOLD Summit launched this June 16th-18th and will change the game for all who attend the FREE online event! Yes, you heard me right…
It’s Free for you!
You are getting totally hooked up here because Pete Fettig has put together 20 of the world’s leading experts in the field of Gold investments and wealth management all in one 3 day event. All you have to do to claim your free pass to the online event is click here.
You’ll learn exactly how to…
Learn secret formulas to give yourself more time a freedom.
Leverage the advice of others to avoid costly mistakes.
Discover secrets from the top gold investing experts.
Look ahead to the be on the cutting edge of gold investing.
Uncover powerful new tools and tactics to grow your portfolio.
Access a wealth of knowledge from highly successful masters.
And So Much More…
Just take a look at this ground-breaking lineup of expert speakers and talks:
G. Edward Griffin – The History of Gold, Silver, Currency and Money
David Morgan – Numismatic Coins: Fact vs Fiction
Stan Grist – How to Hide Precious Metals in Plain Sight
Bob Rinear – When to Buy and Sell for Maximum Profit
Stefan Gleason – How to Choose The Right Metals to invest in
George Shepherd – Precious Metals and Preparedness
Franklin Sanders – Government Confiscation, Taxation, and Travel
Kenneth Gerbino – Understanding Risks/Rewards of Mining Stocks
Jim Puplava – The Truth Behind Metals Investing: Gold Vs Commodities. What THEY Don’t want you to know.
Josh Phair – Fakes & Frauds: How to Identify and Avoid Them
Jim Wyckoff – How to Read the Charts Right (Spot Vs Reality)(Historical Trends)
Max Wright – Bitcoin and Crypto Currency
Annette Riggs – How to Create a Local or Regional Barter Economy
Rachel Fitch – Estate Sales: How to Locate and Profit
Eric Goldsmith – Reclaiming Precious Metals from Everyday Items
Mitch Michaels – We Buy Gold! What You Should Know Before Your Sell
Stan Grist – Getting Gold Without Paying for it
Chris Olson – Storing & Concealing: Reporting & Regulations, What you need to know to protect your portfolio
Dan Nance – How Precious Metals are Used in Industry & Why They are Valuable
Pastor Jason Young – The Spiritual and Moral Considerations of Gold
You can get all the details here. There is not another event like it! In one weekend you can…
Learn How to Become a Superstar Gold Investor and 10x Your Success!
How would your life change? What new opportunities would now be available to you?
You’ll need to act quickly because the event is filling up and there’s not much time left to register for a free online event pass. Claim Your Pass here before it’s too late.
Learn More & Register for Free Here
Looking forward to seeing you at the Gold Summit.
David Morgan
P.S. This event only happens once, so please share the link on your FB page and with others who should hear this powerful message from the experts in the industry.

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