David Morgan: There is Nothing More Powerful Than the Truth


Well it’s all about control and I think it’s keeping them in control. I have to quote one the better thinkers in our peer group, long deceased, Michael Ruppert. “Unless you change the way money works, you’ve changed nothing.” So, if you change it to an SDR then you haven’t changed the way it works. ~David Morgan, The Daily Coin

I sat down with David Morgan, The Morgan Report, to get his take on this forever changing oil/yuan/gold contract story that seems to have taken on life of it’s own. We have reported, on multiple occasions, that we can not find anything of substance to support this idea/concept/contract. The implications of this contract being a reality would change the monetary world over night. The implications of this contract coming to fruition could possibly spark World War III – it’s that serious. For this reason, we at The Daily Coin, are steadfast in our insistence of source links, names of Chinese officials supporting this idea and a copy of the contract that specifically states gold is part of the contract. Even Hugo Salinas Price in his latest note to Eric King at King World News agrees the implications are enormous.

This fact will surely not be un-recognized by the Pentagon, who are the moving force of the Empire. Thus, I fear that the Chinese move – IF IT BECOMES A REALITY – may ignite WW III, as the desperate attempt by the US military to retain the role of US as World Empire. Which would mean the utter devastation of the US by Russia and China combined. We shall soon see what takes place – gold for oil, Yes or No? – King World News

The Morgan Report, not only covers the precious metals but Mr. Morgan also covers the base metals as well. Two of the base metals David really likes right now are zinc and cobalt. We, at The Daily Coin, have discussed these metals with a number of mining executives over the past year and Davids analysis is right in line with everything we have been discussing. The Morgan Report offers insights on the companies that David and his team see as being an intricate part of a persons portfolio.
This brought us to my current favorite topic – the long string of new articles discussing physical gold with several high-profile executives, including the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, all discussing the virtues of physical gold. It seems I am not the only person that believes these are “trial balloons” intended to prepare the masses for the coming changes to the monetary system.
David wraps up the interview with some of the most powerful words one will hear anywhere.


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