China and the U.S. $


I was interviewed on Fox Business yesterday..
Click here for the video
I am not sure how long the video will remain on the Fox site.  It seems the hosts were very
interested in my becoming “seduced” by silver at 11. Point is as explained in my book,  I
simply noticed the coin change from 90% silver to clad in 1965.
Coming back to the thrust of the interview…
The point I tried to make on the show is that all currencies are in trouble at this point and
China may have enough in the U.S. already.  My view did not seem to be taken seriously by
the hosts.
To further my point Read This
As the financial survival mode shifts from astute individuals to larger groups like money
managers it eventually makes it to different nation states and this is the basis for trade
and/or currency wars!
Germany has blinked according to the latest news and the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain)
are not of much concern now.
Stay tuned it continues to get interesting…

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