CFTC: the Common Fraud Training Committee


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The bolded text is by yours truly,  to emphasize an idea that we printed in The Morgan
Report some time ago. Another point that this article brings out and I have also mentioned
numerous times is the fact that the Over the Counter market is far larger than the CME
market and therefore it is possible for the players to move to the OTC market and keep
shorting the silver market.
Jason Hommel’s article starts below…

If you ever write to someone, like me, to say that you disagree with them, you should at
least be able to say why.  I do, and I will.  Here’s an example:  I think futures contracts
are a form of fraud because there are more paper contracts than real silver, and I think
“regulating” fraud is simply fraud on top of fraud.
So far, nobody has demonstrated any capacity to explain how new position limits on
metals, even applied to short sellers, would end the endless short selling.  
Nobody has explained how the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
(CFTC) would be able to detect, and/or catch, and/or prevent an entity like
JP Morgan from setting up many dummy shell corporations to short all the
silver contracts that they wanted to avoid and get around any new regulation
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