Question of the Week
There is no question of the week this week, however I am going to be speaking in Vancouver on June 6, and 7th.
World Resource Investment Conference – June 6-7, 2010
Anyone attending that receives this email or if you are a member of our paid services please drop by and say Hello.
Further, we are making an offer to attendees to the conference, so be sure to look in your conference bag for details…
Until next week,
Get real, buy real, be real
David Morgan
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Audio of the Week
The Korelin Economics Report
Al and David Morgan discuss safe investing.

The Opportunity Show
Ellis Martin of The Opportunity Show interviews metals, mining and money analyst David Morgan of www.silver-investor.com. Mr. Morgan discusses the coupling and/or decoupling of gold, gold stocks and currencies to each other in a turbulent economic time period, such as the one that we are currently in.

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