ATTENTION: Wake Up Call: The Alarming Signs Pointing to America's Decline 

“Financial Armageddon” Is Brewing!

Our Financial System Is On Tilt As We Accelerate Past

Double Digit Inflation! We Are In The Next Financial Crisis Now & This One Is Going To Break Most Of You Financially... Unless You're Prepared For What Is Coming?

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Some of the best plans are laid out years in advance and can be ruined when bubbles burst and markets tumble. It is important to consider if the correct steps are being taken to maintain your wealth regardless of economic conditions. The effects of the 2008 financial crisis left a legacy of unemployment and massive debt. That is going to seem tame compared to what's coming. 

We're Headed For The Biggest Collapse of Our Generation! – Here’s How To Prepare...

Inflation has soared, the rising cost of homes, rent, gas, food, cars, war– all of these realities are playing out at once, all of them were brought on by endless money printing policies of our leaders. What's their solution to all this? Keep printing more and rob us of our prosperity and enslave the generation behind us to clean up the mess!

There is No Escaping History...

All Fiat Currency Eventually Fails!

Paper currency has led to the collapse of every economy that has tried to institute a fiat system to trade for goods and services. It's not going to be different for the once mighty dollar, either.

Roman denarii, which were coins minted around the beginning of the first century, contained about 94 percent actual silver. The percentage of silver had dropped to 85% at the century's end. Nero and future emperors could pay their debts more quickly and became wealthier as a result of the denarius' devaluation. Less than half of the denarius' silver content remained after 100 years, and Emperor Philip the Arab devalued the coin in 244 A.D., reducing its silver content to 0.05 percent. The denarius had been reduced to 0.02 percent silver at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, rendering it unusable as money.

Just recently, Zimbabwe’s central bank announced plans to bring back the Zimbabwe dollar as legal tender after a decade of using the US dollar and seven other international currencies because raging hyperinflation had run the local currency aground.

Zimbabwe’s surrogate currency, the bond note, had been touted as being of equivalent value to the US dollar in 2016. But by 2019, it had tanked and was trading at a 400 percent discount to the greenback.

Now, the Southern African country is once again in the grip of a severe economic crisis characterized by a massive shortage of foreign currency, unemployment of more than 90 percent, low production and hyperinflation that has reduced purchasing power.

Barely three years after the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe dollar, its value has plunged dramatically. From trading at around 210 Zimbabwean dollars to $1 at the beginning of March, it is now trading at 400 to $1 and black market dealers are selling it for $450.

I could go on about more fail attempts to create a fiat money system, but the story always end the same way...

All fiat money  systems have gone to ZERO! 

If You're Thinking That America Is Different and That We Can Survive A Fiat Money System... Then You're Betting On The Wrong Horse!

I've Got News For You:  We Are Already In The Biggest Market Crash of Our Generation

Like you, people around the world are wondering if our markets and economies can hold on through endless money printing policies, or whether we are headed for a major collapse. The truth is, we are already in the just hasn't hit you yet. 

The recession calls are getting louder on Wall Street, but for many of the households and businesses who make up the world economy the downturn is already here.

We are getting poorer!

The annual inflation rate hit 9% last month. But that doesn’t mean that Americans are seeing their bills or their grocery store receipts go up by 9% across the board. In almost all cases, the rise in prices has been far greater.

They have us distracted with the rise of inflation numbers but, what you should be looking at is the purchasing value of your dollar. That is the true cost to you and your family. What does a dollar by you today versus what it bought you just two years ago.

We all know that $1 now will get you as lot less than it would 100 years ago, but just how much has the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar decreased over just the past few years? 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer this question.

YOU already know the answer.

You see when you buy gas. You see when you buy groceries. You see when you buy a house or a car. When you go out to eat. When you pay your rent.

It's obvious... prices have more than doubled, in most cases, they have gone up 3,4,5 times. So that means the purchasing value of your dollar has been cut in half, or worse, in less than two years. 

If You're Thinking That Having Precious Metals In Your Portfolio Is Not Important, You're Going To Miss The BIGGEST MOVE In History...

Does Your Investment Portfolio Have Gold & Silver In It?

Economic stimulus plans, easy-money policies, and other government spending amounting to tens of trillions of dollars are establishing new currencies levels and unmanageable amounts of debt around the world. This is not sustainable.

Until now, we've never seen anything quite like this. Every currency will depreciate in value over time, and every economy will experience high levels of inflation.

There isn't a market where investors may find safety other than in gold and other tangible assets.

As the supply of fiat currencies continues to grow, the price of gold and silver is almost certain to rise significantly. This mean that Gold and Silver stocks will go along for the ride.

Positioning yourself appropriately will lead to big money.

Inflation is one aspect of a "serious financial instability," but there will be many others as well.

And they won't be solved easily either. Since the storms that batter our economy, markets, and monetary system can linger for several years, we must be prepared to weather them all. We'll remain here for the duration of the transition. Consequently, our level of living may need to be supplemented or supported in its entirety during this time period.

“Financial Armageddon” Is Here and In the Blink of an Eye, You Could Miss the Single Greatest Wealth-Transfer Opportunity of Your Lifetime...

Did you know that 40% of ALL U.S. dollars in circulation were printed in the last 12 months alone? Are we making the same mistake of 1921 Weimar Germany?

Given the clear risk of extreme debt and currency devaluation... What if the hundreds of billions per month and soon-to-be $31 trillion printed by the Fed is all MEANT to cause hyperinflation.

Leading to a major collapse of the economy. Is this the end of the road for America’s economy?

More and more people are waking up to a world of pain.

America’s economy has become permanently ‘divorced’ from reality.

On Main Street, everyday Americans are falling further and further behind. And now were seeing inflation and rising costs across the board... we're in a lot of trouble.

All the while Wall Street piles up record wealth.

What is happening right now is proof that our fragmented economy is at a crossroads. Most of you will be left behind and lose a big part of your wealth, but you could weather the storm and possibly even thrive during these times. You just need to take action now!

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I've Been Helping My Subscribers Weather This Economic Mess For Years... Now It's Time For You To Get The Same Insights

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