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Brace Yourself: The Next Imminent Worldwide Depression Is Near. Discover How the Prepared Will Flourish

How Did You Survive Past Financial Crises? Prepare for the Greatest Economic Collapse in History with The Morgan Report! Have you thrived or suffered during past economic downturns? Did you safeguard or grow your wealth during these turbulent times, or were you among the millions who lost it all? More critically, do you believe we're on the brink of an unprecedented global financial disaster? This is where The Morgan Report comes into play. To chart a course for the future, it's crucial to understand our economic history and the shaky foundations of our present monetary system. Get ready for the day of reckoning as we face the consequences of our unsustainable fiscal policies.

  • 1929 Stock Market Crash: The worst stock market crash in history and the catalysts of the Great Depression. It crashed 25% in two days and more than 50% in just a few weeks. 
  • Black Monday Crash of 1987: The DJI plunged by nearly 22%. Black Monday, as the day is now known, marks the biggest single-day decline in stock market history. Investors lost $500 Billion dollars.
  • Dot-com Bubble of 1999-2000: The NASDAQ peaked on March 10. The index would go on to plummet by 76.81% in just 7 months. Investors lost over 5 trillion dollars.
  • Financial Crisis of 2008: The DOW lost nearly 55% of its value in March 2009. Investors lost their life savings and 16.5 billion disappear like smoke. 
  • Coronavirus Crash of 2020: The Dow Jones dropped 12.3% Feb, 2020. It would go on to decline by another 12.9%. Countless businesses and job lost. The financial impact is still be tallied.
  • Crypto Crash 2022: Crypto-currency markets are rocked across the board after a Terra Luna token lost 99.9% of its value overnight. Losing investors Billions. The token fell from a high of $120.00 to $0.001 bringing down the so called stable coin. 
  • When Will The Next Major Collapse Happen? Will You Be Prepared?

Hi, I'm David Morgan and I am a renowned expert in economics and the precious metals markets.

I don't mean to scare you but, you're not being told the truth about the economy and the fiat money system we are on.

My report offers subscribers valuable information to help them navigate economic trends, protect their wealth, and capitalize on investment opportunities. The Morgan Report aims to educate investors and support them in making well-informed decisions for their financial future. Most importantly, we show you how to build and preserve wealth regardless of the economic conditions.

In a world of hidden truths, gaining access to exclusive insights and expert analysis is crucial for building and preserving your wealth, without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. With my insider knowledge of the industry, you'll consistently have an advantage over the average investor. You'll be the first to know when a particular sector heats up, receiving guidance on which investments to pursue and which to steer clear of. Discover where the major brokerage firms are allocating their funds and whether their actions align with the information being shared with the public.

When you truly understand the drivers behind the economy and financial markets, you can have greater control of your life and your finances. As a member of The Morgan Report you will know precisely how to navigate these markets, protect your wealth and quite possible become rich.

Let my passion create your wealth.

What is the most critical element to losing everything if you live in the U.S.?

Bank Bail-Ins? Inflation? Currency Collapse?

If you do nothing else, watch this interview I did with Stansberry Research: Banks to Seize Your Money in Coming Financial Crisis Warns David Morgan

This interview has over two million views and over 5000 comments. This speaks volumes! Whether you decide to learn my basic methods to first preserve your wealth and secondly improve your financial future, is up to you. But consider this video the best gift I can possibly deliver to you because it comes from someone that actually does give a damn about YOU!

The Decline Of The Dollar

While the news says the dollar is going up we know the real story. The purchasing value of that dollar has been in a steep decline. Rent, Food, Gas, Autos, and Real Estate have all gone through the roof.

The forces unsettling the stock and bond markets — Fed rate increases, Russia’s war in Ukraine, global sanctions on Russia, China’s lockdowns — have been buying the dollar and deceiving most of us into thinking our fiat system is just fine.

However, our fiat money is almost dead.

Over the course of the last 120-plus years, the dollar has lost an absolutely incredible amount of its value.

Not 50%...

Not 75%...

But an utterly horrific 98% of its spending power has vanished.

Just think about it – $1,000 in early 1900 would today have the spending power… of just $30.00 today!

Fiat crashes have toppled empires. What makes you think we can survive?

The U.S. Dollar’s Era Is Fast Coming To An End...

Will digital currencies save us?

No, Bitcoin Is Not Going To Save You... So You Better Have Have A Backup Plan

The rules of investing seem simple: diversify your portfolio and focus on the long term. That’s until you see some guy on Youtube get rich overnight betting on cryptocurrency.

But don't go betting the farm just yet! While millions pour into the cryptocurrency space, the number of actual wallets getting fatter is just a small handful. In fact, over 98.7% of the wallets are valued at just under $300. So who's getting rich?

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunged amid a crash in digital assets that has wiped away $900 billion in market capitalization in just a few days. Terra Luna, a so called "stable coin", went from a high of $120.00 to $0.001113 in just a few days. The price of the Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency fell more than 99.9%, wiping out the fortunes of crypto investors. Terra was ranked among the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies. This crash wiped out more wealth than both the 2000 internet bubble and the 2008 great financial crisis. Did you see this coming?

Setting that aside... maintaining your strategic asset allocation are among the most important ingredients in your long-term investment success. And during uncertain times it's best to pour some of your investments into safer havens.

So why are you still putting your faith in crypto's and the stock markets?

Many investors like yourself are waiting in this false calm for your ship to come in while you risk your money in these flimsy shelters of overpriced financial assets and fiat currencies backed by nothing. Your money is even further exposed to risk in banks where depositors and bondholders can be subjected to bank bail-in legislation.

Why Gold & Silver? Because... Gold and Silver Are “Safe Haven Money” and Have Never Failed Throughout History.

History Keeps Repeating And Almost EVERYONE Will Experience A Financial Transformation Shift Over The Next Few Years!

…but the direction of that shift is up to you.

During the last few recessions, we saw too many hard-working Americans lose way too much of their retirement, and we are here to help you prevent it from happening again... However, we don't have much more time to act! Our main focus is to provide you with the most comprehensive information and investment ideas so that you can make an educated and informed decision about your precious metals options and how YOU Can Protect & Build Your Wealth & Retirement.

The rate of inflation, as measured by the consumer price index, reached a 30-year high of 8.3 percent. Think that is big? In 2020 the rate of inflation was only at 1.4%, so we are already at 4 times that rate.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

The Fed’s own website keeps track of the M2 money supply, which measures the amount of money the government has printed up and put into circulation. M2 is a key economic indicator that’s used to forecast inflation.

As you can see, it’s not just the increase in the dollar supply that’s concerning. It’s also the rate of increase, as the amount of money pumped into the economy has now gone vertical. That translates to massive inflation.

Inflation is a silent destroyer of wealth that impacts each and every one of us, rich or poor, but especially the middle class that works and saves for years just to watch our money’s value waste away due to reckless government print-and-spend policy.

Not so long  ago, when prices began to spike throughout the U.S. economy, Americans were told not to worry, it was just a temporary blip.

President Biden and other high-ranking administration officials have maintained that the current inflationary wave is "transitory" and will recede sooner than later.

Yet months, and now years, have ticked by and inflation is getting worse, not better.

Based on current fiscal and monetary policies, the rate of inflation is projected to continue to rise and the purchasing power of your money will decline as prices will certain keep rising.

The Federal Reserve has failed us! 

Less than $1 trillion was the total value of the Federal Reserve's assets in 2008. To put that in perspective, in 2019 it was up to almost $4 trillion. In November 2021, it had grown to about $9 trillion. As of this writing... it is over $12 Trillion and growing fast.

M2, the measure of the Federal Reserve's money supply, has risen rapidly in recent years as well. The money supply in the United States was $7.5 trillion in 2008. That more than doubled by 2019. It now stands at close to $22 trillion and counting.

A tsunami of money has been unleashed on America's economy by the Federal Reserve. As a result of this, the economy has been severely distorted creating gigantic asset bubbles in housing, crypto's, and equities.

Anyone looking for a respectable return on investment has gone to the stock market, only to see their investments disappear like smoke.

It's a losing game for us common folk.

Because the Federal Reserve is printing money at an ever increasing rate, the value of each dollar decreases. As a result, monetary policy has paved the way for high and persistent inflation in the long term.

The U.S. economy is in a precarious position. Due to the Federal Reserve’s decade-long money printing spree, the economy is flush with too much cash. Although much of that cash has been diverted into housing and the stock market, this has created dangerous bubbles that will pop.

In the event that that bubble collapses, the United States economy will be badly damaged. To make matters worse, there's nothing the Federal Reserve can do to stop the hemorrhage. The federal government's fiscal response to a future economic crisis is the same.

“Financial Armageddon” Is Here and In the Blink of an Eye, You Could Miss the Single Greatest Wealth-Transfer Opportunity of Your Lifetime...

Did you know that 40% of ALL U.S. dollars in circulation were printed in the last 12 months alone? Are we making the same mistake of 1921 Weimar Germany?

Given the clear risk of extreme debt and currency devaluation... What if the hundreds of billions per month and soon-to-be $31 trillion printed by the Fed is all MEANT to cause hyperinflation.

Leading to a major collapse of the economy. Is this the end of the road for America’s economy?

More and more people are waking up to a world of pain.

America’s economy has become permanently ‘divorced’ from reality.

On Main Street, everyday Americans are falling further and further behind. And now were seeing inflation and rising costs across the board... we're in a lot of trouble.

All the while Wall Street piles up record wealth.

What is happening right now is proof that our fragmented economy is at a crossroads. Most of you will be left behind and lose a big part of your wealth, but you could weather the storm and possibly even thrive during these times. You just need to take action now!

The Morgan Report's world-class analysts and publication help you build and secure your wealth. Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned professional, our independent and detailed analysts of these markets offer you a huge advantage when it comes to building and securing your wealth.

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  • Trading Silver Like A Pro
  • Taking Delivery Off The Exchange
  • Buffett and Silver
  • Gold Clause Book - How to work for precious metals and not fiat.
  • Harvesting Green on the Pinks- How to buy penny stocks and not get burned!
  • And seven more reports for you all to aid you as an above average investor

Let My Passion Create Your Wealth

I've Been Helping My Subscribers Weather This Economic Mess For Years... Now It's Time For You To Get The Same Insights

A way to protect your savings and prosper in the coming years without trying to time the market… or using risky hedges like short selling or put options.

Putting just 10% or 20% of your wealth into our approach could make all the difference in your financial security and peace of mind over the next few years.

What really happens during a major collapse is that the wealth changes hands. You will actually benefit by looking ahead and knowing exactly how to build and preserve your wealth.

If you are a Boomer-- Are you making the gains you were expecting when you started saving for retirement?

If you are a Gen-X-- Is your nest egg large enough to see you through your golden years? You may be one of many that will inherit a great deal of money at some point. You need to choose wisely how to invest this when the time comes.

Millennials - Just getting started - stick with our free reports and gain education. Once you have either saved enough to begin investing in equities or you have cashed out some of your crypto gains, you can join us as well.

If You're Thinking That Having Precious Metals In Your Portfolio Is Not Important, You're Going To Miss The BIGGEST MOVE In History...

Does Your Investment Portfolio Have Gold & Silver In It?

Economic stimulus plans, easy-money policies, and other government spending amounting to tens of trillions of dollars are establishing new currencies levels and unmanageable amounts of debt around the world. This is not sustainable.

Until now, we've never seen anything quite like this. Every currency will depreciate in value over time, and every economy will experience high levels of inflation.

There isn't a market where investors may find safety other than in gold and other tangible assets.

As the supply of fiat currencies continues to grow, the price of gold and silver is almost certain to rise significantly. This mean that Gold and Silver stocks will go along for the ride.

Positioning yourself appropriately will lead to big money.

Inflation is one aspect of a "serious financial instability," but there will be many others as well.

And they won't be solved easily either. Since the storms that batter our economy, markets, and monetary system can linger for several years, we must be prepared to weather them all. We'll remain here for the duration of the transition. Consequently, our level of living may need to be supplemented or supported in its entirety during this time period.

The Time To Act Is Right Now!

We will have another economic disaster... Will you be sitting on the sidelines like everyone else watching it all happen... or will you already be in enjoying the benefits of the greatest move in American history?

I have created The Morgan Report for the growing legion of smart investors who see the folly of the endless money printing going on in Washington, and are determined to protect the value of their assets from the dwindling purchasing power of the dollar.

I Leave NOTHING to Chance When Making Recommendations

You don't want to be the investor who dumps money into any investment without understanding its particulars (though many do)? But with the meticulous hands-on research I do for you, and the no-nonsense assessments I draw for you, you can position yourself to make out like a bandit by investing in carefully chosen stocks poised to benefit from the rise of hard assets.

Once again, it is this hands-on approach that separates my newsletter from most others. I hope to earn a spot in your most selective inner circle of trusted sources.

I personally vouch for the fact that each information-packed issue of my newsletter will help you safeguard your money and grow your nest-egg.

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