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Can Structured Silver Water Can Be Your First Line of Defense?

Structured Silver Solution and Silver Gel
Because Silver is nature’s finest germ killer.

Thank You Silver is a new and improved form of silver. The advanced techniques used to create it are 100% unique and not available in other products.

Unlike colloidal silvers or silver solutions of the past, Thank You Silver has molecules that are structured in a specific way, providing ideal access to silver. Thank You Silver is pH balanced to match the human body - mild alkaline for the liquid and a mild acid for the gel.

My name is David Morgan.

Most you know me as a long time Silver Investor who believes in the monetary value of silver, but if you think the true value of silver is measured by the market, you're missing something big for your health, only recently made possible!

Silver is not valuable because of global supply, price, or investors. While it plays an essential role in photovoltaic solar panels and electronic circuits and even food. that still is not where the true value of silver lies.

The Silver Institute states that silver is valuable because it destroys pathogens, bacteria that attacks the body, while not destroying healthy cells or probiotic (healthy) bacteria. 

Now this is very different from colloidal silvers of the past; it is only recently that the ability to literally structure water to make it more effective has been blended with the health power of silver, leading to the new, Structured Silver Water. 

Recently developed silvers that use pH balancing and molecular structuring have people talking.

What are these silvers and how are they different from the previous generation of gels and solutions? The characteristics of these new silvers include:

  1. Very low concentration of silver so it's safe, and healthy.
  2. Alkaline pH - most colloidal silvers are acidic, being alkaline helps you heal!
  3. New Technology: Water is given special molecular structuring through technology- structured water is like real water structures in your body that help your immune system. 

Since water penetrates every organism on a cellular level, systematically structured and vibrating water molecules should theoretically allow for better hydration and cell-to-cell communication.

This means it's simply good for you, and silver has a long history of health benefits.

Alkaline structured silver water is a new silver solution with unique characteristics. 

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