What Happens When You Teach Monkeys To Use Money?

In experiments, monkeys make some ‘financial’ decisions which are remarkably similar to those made by humans.

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Researchers trained monkeys to exchange small metal tokens for food. They were put in a makeshift tiny market where experimenters would offer different foods at different prices.

“What we found surprising was, with very little training, the monkeys shopped at experimenters who gave them food more cheaply. So if they got twice as much food for one token with an experimenter, the monkeys shopped there more often.”

The monkeys also displayed other human-like traits such as opportunism. They tried to grab any tokens that were left lying around while the scientists were not paying attention. Primates also engaging in some monkey business in exchange for the tokens. Nevertheless, it also showed that the monkeys considered the tokens as valuable items.

Speaking of money...

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The recent March 2020 crash of the stock market and the uncertainty of the Coronavirus has created a unique buying opportunity.

Some investors were panicking during the recent crumbling of the stock market because it looked similar to 2008. Investors soon realized that the Fed came to the rescue again, and will print money in any quantity to keep the stock market alive. The economy has NOT been a V-shaped recovery, but the U.S.stock market certainly has. Because you now know what the Fed plans, now is the time for you to make huge profits if you can keep your head in the game.

Because of the massive Trillions are thrown into the economies around the world, a potentially explosive profit opportunity is right in front of you. You can get in now when few are taking action, while almost everyone senses things cannot be "right" with the system but don't know what to do.

Whether the stock market goes on to make new highs from here or does another nosedive, repeating the March 2020 crash is not that big a concern. Why? Because those that keep their heads, which can look beyond the short-term volatility present in the stock market, may be able to buy high-quality companies while they trade at wide discounts to their intrinsic values. This "crash" may improve their risk/reward ratios and enable them to maximize their total returns in the long run. But what about making sure your portfolio is balanced no matter what?

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