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Environmental Technologies

Environmental (formally named EnviroLeach) is an industrial clean-tech company focused on precious metals extraction formulas and technologies.

Our unique patented and proven technology offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly and domestic alternative to the use of cyanide and smelters for the recovery of gold from E-Waste and conventional gold ores and concentrates.

Environmental  is led by a first-class staff of scientists and engineers. Our extensive expertise in metals recovery and hydrometallurgy positions us with a unique knowledge set applicable to our target markets, which include the gold mining and the E-Waste sectors.

When you invest in this small innovative technology stock, not only will you be known as a visionary stock investor, this one company could enhance your retirement, savings, and wealth. Because you will be investing in one of the best speculative discoveries in the past 50 years. It is also a major breakthrough in clean technology, something desperately needed in the mining sector.

The technological breakthrough of this small company could make the operator using it... The Largest Gold Producer on the Planet.

This revolutionary gold-production story is changing the Mining industry and nobody is talking about it but me. If you get in before everyone else hears about it... YOU could potentially make a small fortune!

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EnviroLeach Technologies, Inc.
Developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the extraction of precious metals for the Mining and E-waste Sectors.

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EnviroLeach Technologies, Inc.
2020 Wrap-Up. Last year was a wild ride... Yet, despite all the hurdles, we broke barriers, developed ground-breaking discoveries, established strategic relationships, and set a new standard for what’s possible.

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We've found a technology company and near-term gold producer that is engaged in the development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly formulas and technologies for the treatment of materials in the mining and eWaste sectors. Using its proprietary non-cyanide non-acid based process, it extracts precious and base metals from ores, concentrates, and eWaste using only FDA approved additives.

This changes the mining industry forever and we here at The Morgan Report are one of the only ones covering this company.

The technological breakthrough of this small company could make the operator using it...

One Of The Largest Gold Producer on the Planet.

And they won't have to dig a single ton of ore out of the ground to do it

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